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Mugo Pine Tree Seeds


Pinus Mugo
Shrub, Specimen, Wind breaks
Full Sun
To 15′ Mature height
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Mugo Pine Tree

Pinus Mugo MugoPinus Mugo Mugo

Mugho Pine Tree (10 Seeds)


Type: Perennial Evergreen Tree, Large Shrub. Slow growing
Bloom: October
Flower: Yellow
Fruit: 11/2” oval cones, tawny to dark brown
Height: 6-15′ tall
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Good drainage essential, Acid soils, moist loam
Water: Moderate. Somewhat drought resistant once established
Zone: 4-8
Use: Shrub Tree, Specimen, Hedges, Windbreaks, Rocky Slopes, Container and Rock Gardens. Dried flower arrangements
Little to no fertilizer. Cut spears in Spring to keep shrubby
Tolerances: Drought Tolerant, Deer resistant. A range of soils
Notes: Plant out November or during dry spells of suitable weather until the end of March, using seedlings up to 24” tall



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