Red Hot Poker Seeds


Red Hot Poker Seeds, Kniphofia uvaria Torch Lily
Stately blooms in dark orange to yellow from June to October
Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Kniphofia uvariaRed Hot Poker SeedsRed Hot Poker

Torch Lily


Type: Perennial, very hardy. Cormous plants, Easy to grow
Bloom: June to Oct. Early Summer to Early Fall
Flower: Nice big yellow orange and flame red torch-like spikes 2.5’ tall
Height: 2.5’ – 3’ tall x 14” wide
Light: Full sun, open position
Soil: Well drained, especially in winter. Adaptable to most soils. Do not require richly manured soils
Moisture: Plenty of water in summer
Zone: 5-10
Where winters are -15 and below, carefully lift and store indoors to plant in Spring
Use: Cut flower,specimen or focal points in border. Associate with shrubs or as isolated groups
Tolerances: Frost hardy to somewhat frost tender. Wind and coastal regions. Deer Resistant
Problems: Possibly thrips, flowers and leaves, causing mottling, distortion and discoloration. Generally trouble free
Notes: Tie up late Autumn (November or December) to protect crowns from from rain. Can be left undisturbed for years
Will not survive in wet or poorly drained soils
Grow With: Black Eyed Susan, Blazing Star, Potentilla Miss Willmott

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Knipbofia tritoma Seed Propagation
Indoors: Nic or soak 24hrs Indoors: Indoors: Sow in soiless mix early April. Maintain 75-80F soil temp. Irregular germination 15-25 days. Be patient. After germination, grow under lights at slightly cooler temps. Harden off before transplant outdoors in sunny position after danger of frost passes
Outdoors: Outdoors: Sow in 1/2″ deep drills in April. Best direct sown from mid to late June. Transplant to nursery bed when well rooted. Plant out in permanent position the following April


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