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Very Best Rhododendron Care

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Acid-loving Rhodos preference for a woody bark mulch environment, mimicking the organic matter of the forest floor, means that in the garden, Rhododendrons appreciate being planted in straight bark mulch. Provide good drainage... READ MORE

How to Grow Aurinia Seeds

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It’s time to start Aurinia saxatilis seeds indoors. Aurinia, also known as Basket of Gold or Gold Dust. Sometimes listed as Alyssum, a.saxatile, native to eastern Europe, Balkans and Russia. Aurinia saxtilis Compacta... READ MORE

First Winter Snowfall

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Our first Winter snowfall! Observing snowflakes as they wisp about the Saltspring Nursery air, got me thinking about the snowflake man. An incredible triumph made from one mans intrigue and great persistence. Could... READ MORE