2019 Looking Back Gardening

2019 Garden Highlights

2019 looking back gardening while updating our new seeds from the past season. There were several highlights worth mentioning with a few runner ups. Out of almost 250 different types of seeds, here are hand picked 2019 Gardening Highlights from Saltspring Nursery


Worthy of Mention

2019 Looking Back GardeningAmmobium alatum

The sweetest little papery white flowers with bright yellow centers of Winged Everlasting won my heart over. Hardy annual still flowering in the cold frosty weather of December. Nice long sturdy stems for cut flowers. A tough annual must for every cutting garden. Super easy to grow. Stems & flower texture reminds me of statice.





2019 Looking Back Gardening Pelargonium x hortorum Calliope Deep RedPelargonium x hortorum Calliope Deep Red

Most spectacular in the gardens for 2019 besides of course the lovely velvet deep red Calliope x hortum Geranium with Alyssum ‘Snow Crystals’ in the foreground.







Rudbeckia Prairie SunRudbeckia hirta ‘Prairie Sun’

Like all true Rudbeckias this one too flowered strong & heavy. Slow to start but then it took off. What a show. The green eyes in contrast to the equally unusual color, really lights things up, in beds, containers & bouquets. Prolific blooms mid Summer right into Winter here in Zone 8. Really happy about this one. Did great for the first year introduction to the nursery.





Looking Back Carex morrowii 'Evergold'Carex morrowii ‘Evergold’

Most memorable was Carex ‘Evergold’ variegated sedge. Love the arcrylc bold of the colors in variegation. Stand out, large container, feature, amazing border. Can’t say enough about this Carex. Just love it! Bright & beautiful. Zone 5-8 explains why it was noticed when temps plummeted overnight to 19C, a carex evergold in a pot drooped terribly. Was immediately placed in frost free area until late Winter. A Stunning variegated evergreen ornamental grass worth growing. Often listed as Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’ Variegated Japanese Sedge.



Gardening Leycestra formosa Himalayan HoneysuckleLeycestra formosa

Himalayan Honeysuckle is really under the radar to most landscapers for it’s use as a deciduous shrub in mixed borders but has been around here for awhile. 2019 was a booming year for the Leycestra. Lots of new growth, an abundance of flowers & edible, carmel flavored berries. Plant in mixed border, in groups or as specimen in areas protected from strong winds. Somewhat tender & can die in very cold Winters so a generous mulch in the Fall. Super easy to grow from seed, cuttings are even easier. Timing is everything here & as fresh as possible. Winter surface sow in cold frame for germination in the Spring. Keep moist.



2019 Hydrangea quercifoliaHydrangea quercifolia The Oakleaf Hydrangea has been around here for awhile just only now has it been newly listed. What a show, Spring, Summer & Fall for sure. If you can appreciate the peeling bark & rigid form, Winter too. Hydrangea quercifolia is deciduous. Hardiness Zone 5-9. Appreciates some afternoon shade in hottest of climates. Ours are in dappled shade & flower nicely May to July. Unmistakable 8″ dark green, oak shaped leaf, large scented panicles of delicate white flowers. Fall colors are amazing! Suits woodland setting, even moisture.




2019 Triticum aestivum White Winter WheatTriticum aestivum

Winter Wheat equally happy about. No fuss, plant & forget type. A successive sow in the fall may prolong blooming the following summer. Grown for grain, cover crop & cut flower, dried flowers. Cured bunches for rustic display. Mixed dried flower arrangement.





Zinnia elegans Polar BearZinnia elegans ‘Polar Bear’

Love always the Zinnias. Polar Bear was newly introduced to the nursery last year. Slow to start but then really took off, pumping out big white fluffy Victorian type blooms. What an awesome flower. Feels good to be around. Native to Mexico.






Scabiosa autropurpurea Black KnightScabiosa autropurpurea ‘Black Knight’

Scabiosa never fails to impress year after year. Bigger seed heads than the other Scabiosa autropurpurea varieties we have. Loves full sun. Positioning can be tricky with the lankiness or rather sprawling stems if space is limited. Black Knight Scabiosa is most popular for these exceptionally amazing flowers. Almost black in bud, while just opening. Eventually a deep red blossom. Super easy to grow too.






2019 Gardening Highlights Side notes:

2019 Gardening Mammoth Russian Sunflower


Mammoth Russian Sunflower

produced an 18″ flower head






2019 Lavender interplanted with CurryAlmost the day after Lavender has finished flowering, the Curry Plant burst into it’s bright yellow blooms. Awesome contrast to the grey blue foliage of Lavender. The grey foliage of the Curry Plant blends right in nicely so inter-plant.







2020 is gearing up to be another amazing year! Exciting it is when you’re crazy about gardening.
Looking back to the previous years gardening is exhilarating. The payoff for hard work once again.

These Garden Highlights in 2019 looking back gardening has been an inspiration to what’s up for gardening in 2020. Looking forward to another great gardening year!