Growing Dahlias from Seed

What you Should Know

The best news about Growing Dahlias from seed is that it is a super easy process. You should know that dahlia seed is easy to germinate and grow.

Once gathered these desirable seeds of great size & shape, making them a breeze to handle, the seeds require the same cool, low humidity environment to be stored until ready to sow.
The beauty of the dahlia seeds is that they easily germinate at room temperature. A window sill will even do.

Once germinated they do require a good high light source so to not become leggy. Growing on in slightly cooler temperatures may also benefit avoiding leggy seedlings.

From then on the seedling is hardened off before planting out when temperature are a reliable 50F night time. The regular routine growing out, remembering that Dahlias are a true cut and come again. Deadheading promotes more flowers continuously.

Growing Dahlias from seed is quite easy but what you should know is that not all Dahlias will come true from seed.
The only Dahlia seed that will come true are the bedding types provided that they are not a hybrid.
Dinner plate Dahlias will not come true from seed. You may get some genetics that strongly resemble one or both parents but to grow out and harvest tubers to grow out again the following year may present a huge surprise. Whereas seeds from the bedding dahlias present no surprised. As from the seed, tubers will be what they were when they were growing the previous year.

Tubers can be a funny thing, no matter the source or type. Time and time again it is said that the beautiful beds of dahlias have all reverted to purple. A topic perhaps for another conversation. Why this happens is a partial mystery open for observation.
Perhaps the grown out tuber was from a F1 Dahlia hybrid seed?
Unless the source is a trustworthy and reputable one that truth may never be known. It is a mystery why all of a sudden the tubers from the colourful display of Dahlias the previous year suddenly all become the same ol’ blah purple.

The best part about Dahlia seed is that these Dahlias will flower the first year from seed! No matter if the collected seed is from Dinner plate, bedding dahlias or otherwise. Just as if it were a tuber placed in the ground.

It is surprising how many avid gardeners never even knew you could grow Dahlias from seed.
Since we tend to supply tubers for convenience of quick and easy growth, rather than growing from seed, sometimes it is forgotten where the tuber actually originated from in the first place.

Growing Dahlias from seed is super easy, no matter the type or variety really, they will germinate & a person could generate some interesting results but what you should know ahead of time that only the bedding dahlia types will come true from seed.