How To Find The Seed Within a Daisy

How to find the seed within a daisyTo find the seed within a daisy begins with the colored center of the daisy flower, once dried.

Beneath those dried bits from the center of the flower, not within the petals, will be the seed. Not hard to identify when you feel it. Much heavier than the flower petals and other dried daisy flower bits.

An easy way to know when to collect the seeds is to put one hand under the flower and give the flower a shake with the other hand. If seeds fall freely, it’s ready.

We can risk harvesting too soon. Patience. Let nature take it’s course. Sometimes you may not see anything at all that resembles seed. This can happen if the flowers were harvested at the wrong time. Either they weren’t mature or had already gone to seed.
Timing is everything. Best rule of thumb is don’t try to collect seeds from a flower that is still green. I often notice that when seeds are ready the top of the stock that the base of the flower sits on has begun to go brown so watch for that if you’re wanting to collect seed from your favorite flower. Not all may mature this way but is helpful to know for those that do.

daisy flower seedsSimple solution to when you are still unsure what is the seed within a daisy but want to collect Shasta daisy seeds is to put the dried flowers in a zip lock bag. Store the contents in a cool dry area, preferably in darkness for a few weeks. Check by zipping the bag and agitate. Look at the bottom of the bag for the seeds you’ve been looking for. Very small plant seeds can be challenging at times but do collect up together so the more there is the easier they will be to see in a group. This is a sure fire way to see what is seed and what is not. Collect at different times and label. Test the seed per lot collected.

If you’re not familiar with seeds from a particular plant, sometimes circumstances can be daunting to how to find the seed within, especially very small seed. I search for a picture. Not always do I find what I’m looking for when what a daisy seed looks liketurning to the internet for seed illustration information. So what is the seed illustration page is being compiled here.

Daisies will hold their dried seed heads intact. Unaffected even by strong winds. Yet brushed upon or knocked, daisies will disperse their seeds simply by the dried flower head falling apart.

If you were wondering what daisy seeds look like, see photo to the left. Daisy seeds are tapered slim, conical and often striped vertically with shades of black and white.

To find the seed when collecting daisy seeds is quite easy because of their weight and size, they will simply fall to the bottom of the container the seed heads have been collected in. For your convenience we have freshly harvested daisy seed. Here are our daisy seed selection.

Crazy Daisy Leucanthemum X Superbum

Shasta Daisy Chrysanthemum Maximum

Shingiku Daisy Chrysanthemum Coronarium

Painted Daisy Tanacetum Coccinuem Causcasus