How to Sow Ornamental Grass Seed

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Good Practice for Best Results

How to sow ornamental grass seed for best results is unlike the usual broadcasting of lawn grass seed.

Some grass seed has such a hard coat, it will require a cold moist stratification to break dormancy so to sprout in the Spring, or sooner, when things warm up.

The best practices for sowing ornamental grass seed is to start with packs or flats, filled with moist seedling media that is well drained.
Create rows of shallow furrows to carefully sow the ornamental grass seeds by sprinkling along the furrows.

For grass that are considered cool season, sown to flats or packs in this manner and positioned in an unheated green house or cold frame in November,while keeping moist but not wet, you will have seedlings emerge by January.


Some grass seed prefer a high heat & humidity, where others prefer room temperature to germinate. Some require a prop case or humidity done while other’s don’t. Depends on the grass seed species.

The one good practice for best results is to sow ornamental grass seed to furrows. No need to cover unless specifically noted. Most grass seed require light to germinate. Just assure a firm contact of seed with the soil. A skewer works great or gently firm with finger.
Then be patient. Some ornamental grass seeds can take months to germinate. Waiting for a year or more has not been unheard of. Again is dependant on the species.

To keep the soil moist but not wet, it is advised to bottom feed with little water more frequent, just to keep the containers slightly moist.
When sowing to a cold frame or unheated green house, sometimes just filling the trays a bit is enough but must be checked on and more frequently in higher temperatures after early Spring through to Fall. IF doing a late fall sowing, sometimes the one application of bottom feeding is enough until late Winter early Spring. Is prudent to check periodically.

A good way to get the best results when transplanting the ornamental grass seedlings is to divide carefully in clumps. Transplant the clumps to individual pots and label. Grow on until gradually moving outdoors before transplanting to permanent position.

Some perennial type ornamental grassed require to be transplanted to nursery rows to grow on for a season before planting out into their permanent position. Again depends on species.

Annual ornamental grasses can be transplanted into larger containers, used in mixed containers, planted to borders, rock garden, window boxes, even en mass.

So remember sow to furrows, keep moist by bottom feeding as overhead can dislodge, even bury the seeds. Be patient & leave the flats alone beside the occasional check. Don’t fuss over the sown flats. Divide in clumps to be transplanted into individual containers. Harden off before transplanting into nursery rows or permanent positions.

Now you know how to sow ornamental grass seed using good practice for best results.