Keep Sweet Peas Blooming

Keep Sweet Peas BloomingTo keep sweet peas blooming, dead head often.
Remove seed pods from sweet peas every couple of days for continuous bloom.

To get the most out of your cut sweet pea flowers, take in the cool of the early morning or late evening.

Sweet peas like a cool root run so when planning on planting seed, choose a full sun location and create a furrow that has already been amended with well rotten compost or manure, ideally the previous fall.  As the seedlings grow,  a little soil may be added to the furrow.

Keep sweet peas watered for optimum growth in a bed of rich soil. I find that young sweet peas respond well with strong growth when watered with compost tea, especially when young.  Sweet peas can be watered with compost tea more often when diluted, providing a light application.

Sweet peas are easy to grow. Keeping well watered however and removing seed pods often will keep sweet peas blooming all season long.

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