Natural Insecticide Recipe

Natural Insecticide RecipeNatural Insecticide

This is one of the most effective natural insecticides for organic pest control.

Dust infected area with the dust of dried crush Pyrethrum Daisy Flowers.
Most effective natural insecticide kills safely on contact but not harmful to birds and pets.

It has been suggested that the shelf life of this powder is short. Best to dry, grind and apply as needed.
Flowers of the Pyrethrum daisy can be picked and frozen. Take out and lay on sheet out of direct sun, to dry. Crush and apply within 3 days maximum. 

Deer and rabbit do not eat Pyrethrum Daisy Plants. Your source for homemade organic pest control. Generous seed packs of easy to grow Tanacetum Parthenium, also known as fever few, seeds can be found here.