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When harvesting a new source, I have found myself searching the internet, several times for what certain seeds look like, as well as their size. When the internet search has failed me, I turn to the Nursery Library.

From there it has been decided to host our own Seed Illustration page. Hopefully these images will serve to help others identify new seed as well. Very helpful when the seed size in tiny. 

Note: Not all seeds below are in our Nursery Shop. Perhaps the seed illustrated below is of a new introduction for first year growing or was crop failure should some of the images below show an inactive link. So stay tuned and check back or search our store by using the search box in the top left of any page.


arnica seeds

senico seedsDusty Miller Seeds

Anise Hyssop SeedsAgastache Seeds

Arnica Montana


Senico Cineraria


Agastache Foeniculum


Monkshood SeedsMonkshood Seeds

Rose Campion SeedsLychnis Seeds

echinops seedsEchinops Seeds

  Lychnis Coronata Blue Globe Thistle

Arnica Montana Seeds

Dusty Miller Seeds. Senico cineraria, S bicolor. Perennial. Germinate irradic. Low germ rates. Over sow. Long lasting yellow umbells of flower clusters surrounded by soft grey. Bees love. Butterflies. Drought and Deer resistant.

Agastache Foeniculum Seeds, Blue Compact. Anise Hyssop. Non invasive perennial herb. Tall bluish purple flower spikes. Drought and deer resistant.

Monkshood Seeds,  Blue

Lychnis Coronata Seeds, Rose Campion. Again grey/silver foliage, covered with down, tall woodland perennial. Common Pink flowers. Drought and deer resistant. Also Rare – White Lychnis flower seeds.

Echinops Seeds, Blue Globe Thistle