Ever Wonder what a particular seed looks like?

When harvesting a new source, I have found myself searching the internet, several times for what certain seeds look like, as well as their size. When the internet search fails me, I turn to the Nursery Library.

From there it has been decided to host our own Seeds and Illustrations page for the purpose of sharing our seed photographs. Hopefully these images will serve to help others identify new seed as well. Very helpful when the seed size in tiny. 

Note: Not all seeds shown are in our Nursery Shop and not all seeds in the Shop are shown here. Check our store for what seeds are available. Grab a great deal on our seeds on sale. These are freshly harvested for the current year.

Edit Feb., 29, 2020 Our seeds and illustrations page will soon be discontinued. All seed photos are now being added into the respective seeds photo gallery. See each product individually.


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