Annual Flower Seeds, Organically Grown, Canada

Amaranthus Illumination
Amaranthus Illumination Seeds

Amaranthus tricolor 'Illumination'
to 3' tall. Valued as ornamental
Easy to grow
Organically grown, Annual Flower Herb Seeds for full sun

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Blue BHoy Bachelor's Button
Bachelor’s Button ‘Blue Boy’ Seeds

Centaurea cyanus
Hardy Annual Heirloom Wildflower, Attracts bees
'Blue Boy' bachelors button double sky blue flowers
on slender 3-4' tall sturdy stems
Spring through Summer
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun


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Bells of Ireland
Bells of Ireland Seeds

Good Luck Plant, Molucella laevis, Heirloom Seeds

Cool hardy annual perfect for fresh or dried flowers

Green bells surround tiny white fragrant flowers

Annual Flower Seeds for full sun to partial shade


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Black Oil Seeds

Peredovick Russian Heirloom
Extra Large Heads on sturdy 6' stems
Easy to Grow

Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds

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Calendual Seeds
Calendula Seeds

Calendula officinalis
Orange & Yellow Double Flower Mix
Deer & Rabbit resistant. Easy to grow
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun to part shade

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Celosia Plumosia
Celosia plumosa Seeds

Celosia plumosa Mix
Sun & Moisture Loving Plumes to 3' tall
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for Full Sun

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Rudbeckia Amplexicaulis
Clapsing Cone Flower Seeds

Dracopis (Rudbeckia) amplexicaulis
Yellow flowers, dark eyes 
Great for back borders or mass plant
Organically grown Annual flower seeds

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