foxtail millet 'highlander' seeds
‘Highlander’ Grass Seeds

Setaria italica 'Highlander' also known as Foxtail Millet is prized in the cut flower industry
for it's dense, bronze, pendulous plumes
Drought tolerant, tender perennial, grown as annual, attracts birds and other wildlife
Moderate growth rate, easy to grow & low maintenance
Organically grown Ornamental Grass Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Sale! Blue Fescue Plants
Blue Fescue Seeds

Steel Blue Fescue glauca

Hardy, Evergreen, Clumping

Easy to grow. Great for informal borders, containers, rockery

Organically Grown Ornamental Grass Seed for full sun

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Lagurus Ovatus
Bunny Tail Seeds

Lagurus Ovatus
Graceful 10-12" grass

Great for containers, mass plant, borders
Topped with fuzzy white pussy willow type flowers
Springs back from rain fall well
Winter interest
Ornamental Grass Seeds

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Sale! Carez Fresh Look
Carex Fresh Look Seeds

Carex pendula maxima
Perennial 3-4' tall Evergreen Ornamental Grass
Easy to grow, Deer & Rabbit resistant
Use for Privacy Screen, Specimen, Accent or Border
Ornamental Grass Seeds for full sun or part shade

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Pennisetum alopecuroides
Chinese Fountain Grass Seeds

Pennisetum alopecuroides is a rare clumping perennial fountain grass
for full sun to light shade. Adaptable to most soils
Graceful arching stems of furry silver rose plumes
Deer resistant, drought tolerant, easy to grow
Organically grown Ornamental Grass Seeds, Canada

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Northern Lights Ornamental Grass
Deschampsia cespitosa Grass Seeds

Deschampsia cespitosa features creamy white variegation on arching evergreen stems 
Also known as variegated tussock grass. A versatile cool season perennial with 3' plumes
Spring & fall interest in the border, as specimen, container gardening & more
Organically Grown Ornamental Grass Seed for full sun, Canada

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Pennisetum vilosum 'Feathertop'
Feathertop Ornamental Grass Seeds

Pennisetum vilosum, tender perennial, clumping ornamental grass
grown as annual but can be easily overwintered 
Luxurious feathery white plumes late summer 
Use as accent or for beds, borders and containers, fresh or dried cut flower
Organically Grown Ornamental Grass Seed for full sun, Canada

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Sale! Live Wire Grass
Fiber Optics Grass Seeds

Isolepsis cernua

Zone 8-10 Clumping 10-14" tall & wide

Can adapt to indoors, treat as herbaceous perennial

Heat and moisture tolerant

Ornamental Grass Seeds for part sun to full sun

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Koeleria glauca 'Coolio'
Koeleria ‘Coolio’ Grass Seeds

Koeleria glauca is a delicate fine blade ornamental grass to 24" tall 
with tall stems of silvery white flowers from early Spring to early Summer
Easy to grow, low maintenance & drought tolerant once established
Dense mounding, clumping & herbaceous
Excellent for container gardening, accent, border or naturalizing
Organically grown Ornamental Grass Seed for full sun to part shade

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Mexican Feather Grass
Mexican Feather Grass Seeds

Stipa/Nassella tenuissima, Mexican Feather Grass grown for it's 1' tall silky soft feathery plumes that sway so beautifully. Stunning in mass or as specimen Adds height and softness to mixed container planting
To avoid Ponytails naughty habit of reseeding, be sure to cut down the flowers before they are to set seed towards the end of Summer so to be able to still enjoy the spectacular softness this annual Ornamental grass provides
Organically grown Ornamental Grass Seed for full sun to light shade

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