Sale! Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller Seeds

Long lived Senico cineraria bicolor, loved by bees
Excellent flower power for border or mixed perennial bed
Deer & rabbit resistant, heat tolerant
2-3' tall with clusters of yellow flowers from July to September
Add this superb low maintenance hardy evergreen sub shrub to your next moon garden
Organically Grown Shrub Seeds for full sun

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Hebe 'Oratia Beauty'
Hebe ‘Oratia Beauty’ Seeds

Glossy dark green foliage of this shrub is as beautiful
as it's racemes of flowers in white tipped with bright pink
Easy to grow, low maintenance, evergreen perennial for borders,
edging or container gardening
Organically grown shrub seeds for full sun to part shade, Canada

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Leonitis leonurus
Lion’s Tail Seeds

Leonitis leonurus, Bright Orange flowers in whorls of this evergreen perennial is a knock out for hummingbirds as well as other birds & butterflies. Rather low maintenance, easy to grow
Wild Dagga is stunning en mass or in containers, as edging or screen, as specimen or cut flower
Drought tolerant once established. Suitable for xeriscaping
Organically Grown Tender Perennial Herb Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Leonurus cardiaca
Motherwort Seeds

Leonurus cardiaca
To 5' tall with whorls of pale pink to pale purple flowers
June to August
Organically Grown Perennial Shrub Herb Seeds for full sun

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Lavender officinalis
Old English Lavender Seeds

Lavender officinalis

Cottage Garden Favorite

Fragrant Herb, Easy to Grow

Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for full sun

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Sale! Rue shrub
Rue Seeds

Easy to grow Ruta graveolens
A must have for beneficial insect plantings 
Great 2' hedge
Organically Grown Shrub Seeds for full sun

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