Colorado Blue Spruce
Blue Spruce Tree

2 Gal

Picea Pungens Var. glauca

5 year old

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English Holy
Holy Tree

Ilex aquifolium

Self Fertile Holy Tree
Dark evergreen leaves
Produces bright red/orange berries

Organically grown, raised from cutting


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Prunus Lustitanica
Laurel Portugal

Prunus Lustitanica

Drought & heat tolerant, evergreen tree

Beautifully scented cream flower racemes 6-8" long in June, scenting the entire air

Stunning specimen given the room

Portugal Laurel 1 Gal

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Sale! Western Red Cedar Tree
Western Red Cedar

1 Gal - $12.00

2 Gal - $18.00
Thuja Plicata Tree

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yew tree mature
Yew Tree

1 Gal

Taxus baccata
Popular Bonsi, Topiary, Specimen or Hedge
Can reach 70' mature height
Takes to Shearing well

Full Sun to Full Shade

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