Sale! Blue Fescue Plants
Blue Fescue Seeds

Steel Blue Fescue Glauca

Hardy, Evergreen, Clumping

Easy to grow. Great for informal borders, containers, rockery

Ornamental Grass Seed for full sun

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Lagurus Ovatus
Bunny Tail Seeds

Lagurus Ovatus
Graceful 10-12" grass

Great for containers, mass plant, borders
Topped with fuzzy white pussy willow type flowers
Springs back from rain fall well
Winter interest
Ornamental Grass Seeds

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Sale! Carez Fresh Look
Carex Fresh Look Seeds

Carex Pendula Maxima
Perennial 3-4' tall Evergreen Ornamental Grass
Easy to grow, Deer & Rabbit resistant
Use for Privacy Screen, Specimen, Accent or Border
Ornamental Grass Seeds for full sun or part shade

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Sale! Live Wire Grass
Fiber Optics Grass Seeds

Isolepsis Cernua

Zone 8-10 Clumping 10-14" tall & wide

Can adapt to indoors, treat as herbaceous perennial

Heat and moisture tolerant

Ornamental Grass Seeds for part sun to full sun

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Triticum aestivum
Ulrecht Wheat Seeds

Rare Heirloom Ornamental Wheat

Stunning Metallic Blue flower heads on 5' stems

Triticum aestivum

Grown Mostly for Floral

Heat & Drought Tolerant

Ornamental Grass Seeds for full sun

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