Agastache Seeds

Agastache foeniculum
Dramatic Summer Flower Spikes
Full Sun
Perennial Flower Seeds

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Arnica montana flower
Arnica Montana

Bright Cheerful Yellow

July Wildflower to 1' tall for full sun

Stunning in mass

Perennial Flower Seeds

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Sale! Alyssum
Basket of Gold Seeds

Alyssum Aurinia Saxatilis Compacta
Basket of Gold, Gold Dust
Easy to Grow Ground cover
Perennial Flower Seeds

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Purple Bellflower
Bell Flower Seeds

Campanula Sessiliflora
Blue Purple Bell Flower
Flowers all summer long
Perennial Flower Seeds

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Bell Flower White
Bell Flower White Seeds

Campanula Persicifolia
Big Cup Shaped Flowers
Pure White
Hardy Perennial
Deer resistant
Perennial Flower Seeds 

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Sale! Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan Seeds

Showy Biennial
Rudbeckia Hirta
Drought and heat tolerant. Deer resistant. Attracts bees
Accent, border, bedding, cutting, mass planting
Great bouquet flower
Perennial flower seeds for sun to part shade

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Blazing Star Seeds

Liatris Spicata
Purple and White Mix
Tolerates boggy to drought
Organic Perennial Flower Seeds for full sun

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Sale! Cardina Flower
Cardinal Flower Seeds

Bright red flowers on spikes of this stately 5' wild flower

Lobelia cardinalis prefers partial shade & moist rich soil

Tolerant of poor drainage

Perennial Flower Seeds for sun to part shade

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Centaurea montana
Centaurea montana seeds

Mountain Cornflower

Intense true blue flowers on 2-2.5' sturdy stems 

Perennial Cornflower (Bachelor's Button) loved by bees, birds & butterflies 

Drought tolerant. Deer & Rabbit resistant

Great for tough spots where nothing else will grow

Perennial flower seeds for full sun to partial shade 


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Columbine Pink
Columbine Pink Seeds

Aquilegia Vulgaris
Light Pink Columbine Flowers
Annual Flowers Seeds for sun or part shade

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