Feverfew Double Flower parthenium
Feverfew Double Flower Seeds

Feverfew Double Flower Seeds
Chrysanthemum parthenium

Big double white flowers late Summer into Fall
Drought tolerant herb for full sun, cut flower, 
insect repellent. Deer resistant, Zone 5-10
Organically Grown Herb Seeds, Canada

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Garlic Chive Seeds
Garlic Chive Seeds

Allium tubersom
Will produce edible product 1st yr
Organically Grown Herb Seeds


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White Lychnis
Rose Campion ‘Alba’ Seeds

Rare White Lychnis coronaria
5 petal white flowers on erect stems
24-38" tall, Easy care, Low maintenance, Zone 4-10
Organic Perennial flower seeds for full sun to light shade, Canada

30 seeds/pkt

Rose Campion Scarlet & White Mix seeds available Here

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Snow In Summer
Snow In Summer Seeds

Cerastium tomentosum
Hardy Perennial Ground Cover
Beautiful White Starry Flowers
Atop Silver Grey Foliage
Slow Spreading. Evergreen
Organically Grown Perennial flower seeds for Full Sun

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Sweet Pea Tall Pure White
Sweet Pea White Seeds

Lathyrus odoratus
Beautiful Accent Sweet Pea
To 8' tall for fence, trellis

Pure white flowers
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds, Canada

20 seeds/pkt

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