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Acanthus spinosus Bear’s Breeches Seeds


Acanthus spinosus Bear’s Breeches Seeds. Also known as Spiny Bear’s Breeches 
A difficult spot with ample moisture & a decent amount of sunshine?
Here’s the Specimen you’ve been waiting for.
3-4′ mounding, deeply cut & spiny dark green leaves with white & purple flowers from green bracts on 16″ spikes that begin late Spring into Summer followed by green berry like seed pods that turn to black come fall.
Correct placement is paramount.
Give lots of room to wander to fully appreciate this magnificent show. Organically grown, open pollinated & non GMO. Acanthus spinosus Bear’s Breeches Seeds, Canada
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AcanthusAcanthus spinosus Bear's Breeches Seedsspinosus
Bear’s Breeches Seeds

Type: Perennial, Herbaceous, Hardy. Evergreen in warm regions. Slow growing at first before moderate rate
Bloom: July/Aug. Late Spring South, Early Summer North
Flower: Bold Purple White Spikes with green bracts up to 18” tall. Coarse spine tipped teeth
Purple-Pink bracts contrast sharply with crinkled white flowers
Height: 3-4’ tall x 5’ wide. Fast grower, spreading rapidly
Light: Full to half sun. Mid day shade in hot regions. Best in Full Sun to Part sun
Soil: Rich, Deep, Well Drained, slightly acidic to neutral soil with adequate moisture in the Winter and Spring
Moisture: Regularly during dry periods. Leaves will droop when too dry. Follow regular watering for first year. Provide adequate moisture in the Winter and Spring
Zone: 5-10 Will not survive in Zone 5 if drainage is poor
Use: Tropical gardens, cut flower, borders, firescaping, adds texture to sunny gardens,winter interest.
Tolerances: Frost, dry sunny spots
Problems: Caterpillars, Slugs and snails
Notes: Leave plants undisturbed until over crowded
Can be invasive choose site that allows room. Can use 8” deep barrier, or grow in pot
Spread by deeply buried rhizomes that can be hard to eradicate once established
Remove old leaves before new emerge to keep neat. Easy care plant. Divide clumps every 2-3 years in early Spring
Grow With: Effective in shade with bamboo and large leaf ferns


Acanthus spinosus Bear’s Breeches Seed Propagation
Indoors: Direct to cold frame recommended
Sow to unheated green house or cold frame in March. When 2-3 set of true leaves develop, prick to nursery bed 6″ apart. Grow on two years before transplanting to permanent position 24-36″ apart from October onwards  


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