Amaranthus Hot Biscuit Seeds


Amaranthus cruentus
Golden upright plumes
Seed as grain, Leaf as vegetable
Easy to grow. Loved by birds

Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds, Canada

50 seeds/pkt

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Amaranthus cruentusamaranth hot biscuits

Hot Biscuit

Type: Annual, Long lasting. Large leaves, Matte foliage
Bloom: 100 days. Summer to Late Fall. July to Oct
Flower: Warm orange brown clusters
Height: 5′ Tall x 18-36” wide
Light: Full sun part shade
Soil: Well drained, deep, loam, sand. Deeply cultivated, manure enriched
P.H: 6.1-6.5
Moisture:  Average
Use: Old-fashioned beds and borders, cut flowers,  Dried flower, everlasting, mixed border. Edible; Seeds ground for flour, Leaves steamed
Tolerances: Drought Tolerant but grow and flower better is watered during dry spells. Will grow Moderately well even in poor soil
Problems: Susceptible to frost
Notes: Easy Fast Growth. Can self sow

Amaranthus cruentus Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow 6-8 weeks before last frost. Maintain 59F soil temperature. Prick to boxes or pots. Grow on at 55-59F Harden off in cold frame before plant out in May
Outdoors: Sow in site 1/16″ deep after chance of frost & soil has warmed (April). Germination 7-14 days. Thin to 18″ space


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