Ammi majus Graceland Seeds


Ammi majus Graceland Wildflower
Commonly used as filler in the florist industry

12-15″ tall. Tiny white flowers on delicate 12-50″ stemsĀ 
Low maintenance, drought tolerant wildflower.
Annual Flower Seeds for full sun to part shade, Canada


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Ammi majusAmmi majus Graceland Seeds‘Graceland’

Bishops Flower, False Queen Anne’s Lace

Ammi majus Graceland Seeds


Type: Hardy Annual
Bloom: June to September
Flower: White unbels of delicate tiny white flowers atop 12-50″ stems
Height: 3-4′ tall
Light: Full Sun to part shade
Soil: Loamy or sandy but cool, moist, well drained soil
P.H.: 6.5-7.0
Moisture: Low water requirements unless prolong heat of summer without rainfall
Use: Commonly used as filler in the florist industry, cut flower, bouquets, mixed perennial bed, wildflower
Tolerances: Dry Conditions, Heat
Notes: Low maintenance. Stake early for support when plants are 3-4″ tall. Handle with care, can be toxic. Thrives in nutrient deficient soil. Cut back after flowering to prevent prolific self seeding. For fresh flowers, harvest before 80% of flowers are fully open or for dried flowers wait until flowers are fully open, free of pollen
Zone: 3-9
Native to Nile River Valley

Grow with Campanula, Lychnis and Verbena


Ammi majus Seed Propagation
Indoors: Direct sowing best or surface sow 6-8 weeks before last frost, 1/8″ deep, just covering. Cover with plastic & put in the fridge 1-2 weeks. Then position in bright light, maintaining 55-65F soil temperature. When first true leaves appear, transplant to pots & harden off before transplant outdoors after risk of frost.
Outdoors: Surface sow direct to prepared seed bed, in May or Autumn, 1/8″ deep drills spaced 12″ in rows 12″ apart, just covering with soil. Keep moist until germination in 21 days. Thin or transplant 12″ apart in rich fertile soil. Water regularly until established, then only when necessary during dry hot weather. Make 2-3 succession sowing 2 weeks apart for continuous bloom & harvest



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