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Angelica arcangel Seeds


Angelica arcangel Seeds. Arcangelica best known for it’s stems for candying
Attractive, tall herbaceous biennial Angelica arcangel
Fragrant herb attracts bees to the garden
Seeds short lived and must be sown fresh or the following Spring
Don’t hesitate to get yours for Spring or Milder climates not too late to plant before then
Fresh Angelica arcangel herb seeds for sun to part shade, Canada


Angelicaangelica arcangel seedsarcangel

Archangelica, Wild celery

Fresh Angelica arcangel Seeds

Type: Herbaceous Biennial
Bloom: May to August dependent on zone
Flower: Small white and yellow flower in umbels
Height: 6-10′ tall
Light: Sun to part shade
Soil: Deep, fresh, moist, well drained, rich in humus
P.H: 4.5-7.3
Moisture: Constant moist
Zone: 4-9
Use: Medicinal & culinary. Grown for fruits and roots. Leaves used in salad. Main stems used for candying. Woodland, water edges, bogs and marshes. Attracts bees
Tolerances: Frost resistant
Problems: Sensitive to drought, compacted or clay soils. Aphids and mites may attack umbels when weather warms
Notes: Harvest leaves in 2nd year before flowering while still fresh and green, usually between May and June. Harvest stems for candying between May and June while tender. Dig roots before flowering and by first frost in autumn when leaves begin to drop. Cutting down plant after flowering prolongs life of plant for a few years

Angelica arcangel Seed Propagation
Indoors: Direct sow recommended or Autumn sown to unheated greenhouse works as well
Outdoors: Direct sow to shallow drills in Autumn for sprouts in Spring. Or March or April. Periodically remove mulch to check for germination & pot on immediately. Thin to 12″ apart when large enough to handle. Following March for Autumn sown, carefully lift so to not damage fibrous roots to pots to grow on until transplanting to permanent position in March or April. Need for cold moist stratification argued. Autumn sowing as above, covered with a light mulch has proven successful


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