Arugula ‘Roquette’ Heirloom Seeds


Arugula ‘Roquette’ Heirloom Seeds – Eruca sativa
Spicy, cool weather leafy heirloom vegetable, 35 days to maturity
Easy to grow salad accent, garnish, even bouquet filler. May be cooked with other greens Creamy white, four petaled flowers edible as well as young seed pods. Tolerates light shade and some frost. Organically grown Heirloom annual vegetable seed for full sun, Canada

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Eruca sativaArugula 'Roquette' HeirloomSeedsArugula ‘Roquette’

Italian Cress, Garden Rocket

Arugula Roquette Heirloom Seeds


Type: Cool weather annual leafy vegetable. Heirloom 35 days to maturity
Bloom: Seasonal
Flower: Four petaled cream white with purple veining on 2-3′ single stems
Height: 12-14″ tall x 4″ wide
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Fertile, moist, well drained
P.H: 6.0-7.0
Moisture: Ample
Zone: 2-11
Use: Salad accent, garnish, sandwich, soups and sauces, cook with other greens. Flowers also edible as are young seed pods. Bouquet filler
Tolerances: Light shade, some frost
Problems: Flea Beetle, protect with floating row covers in Spring
Notes: Peppery, nutty flavor. Best picked just before use. Can be stored for 3-5 days after harvest. Young 2-3″ leaves best flavor. Once flowering leaves will become bitter. Drought and summer heat intensifies flavor. Dislikes heat Protect with shade cloth from summer heat
Use Spring and Fall planting. Quick growing. 2-3 week successive sowing ensures constant supply

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Eruca sativa Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow to moist medium 4-6 weeks prior to last frost in containers. Cover thinly, keep moist
Outdoors: After last frost date sow evenly in the garden 2-3″ apart in rows 15″ apart. Cover with 1/4″ soil, firm & water gently. Germination 7-14 days Thin to 12″ space when seedlings 3″ high. Sow successive every 2-3 weeks from early Spring to Fall


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