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Basil Tulsi Seeds


Ocimum tenuiflorum, Holy Basil
Also known as Rama Tulsi or Sacred Basil traditionally used for religious and medicinal purposes 

Wide range use, fresh or dried. Cuisine, beverage, insect repellent and more 
Easy to grow tender perennial for leaves and seeds. Usually grown as annual but can be overwintered
Organically grown perennial herb seeds for full sun, Canada 



Ocimum tenuiflorumBasil Holy Rama Tulsi

Green Leaf, Holy Basil, Sacred Basil, Rama Tulsi

Holy Basil Heirloom (25) Seeds


Type: Tender Perennial Heirloom Herb, Half hardy annual. 80 days to maturity
Bloom: Summer
Flower: Purple red flowers in erect whorls
Height: 24″ tall +
Light: Sun
Soil: Loamy, fertile, well drained
P.H: 6-7.5
Moisture: Regular. Water when top 1″ is dry
Zone: 7-10
Use: Traditionally used for religious and medicinal purposes. Fresh or dried leaves used in cuisine & beverage. Clove, cinnamon flavor. Attracts bees. Sow successively from Spring to early Summer for ongoing supply
Tolerances: Part shade
Notes: Easy to grow. In cultivation, pinch once 4-6 leaves have grown to promote bushiness. Pinch buds for ongoing production. Never harvest more than one half of stem at a time. Overwinter below zone 10. Cut back before flowering to overwinter in greenhouse or window sill


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