Bell Pepper Seeds


Firm, crisp, thick walled 4″ fruits

5-10 per plant, mild & sweet

California Wonder Heirloom Pepper

Harvest when green or red

Keeps good in refrigerator, freezes well

Vegetable Seeds for full sun

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California Wonder Pepperannuum

California Wonder

California Wonder Pepper (15) Seeds


Type: Heirloom. Shrubby, Vigorous, Sweet Bell Pepper 65-75 days
Fruit: 4″ crisp, heavy, thick walled that sweeten as they mature. 5-10 peppers per plant
Height: 18-24″
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Fertile, moisture retentive & well drained
P.H: 5.5-6.8 Not PH sensitive
Moisture: Evenly moist for best results
Zone: 4 and up
Use: Containers, culinary, fresh, freeze
Tolerances: Dry soil, disease resistant
Problems: Aphids, spider mites
Notes: Pick when green or red. The more mature, the higher Vitamin C content. Keeps good refrigerated & freeze well. These peppers like heat. Don’t plant where eggplant,peppers or tomatoes were planted the year prior
Plant with: basil, beets, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, onions, parsnips, radishes, rosemary, squash & tomatoes


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