Bellflower Purple Seeds


Campanula sessiliflora
Blue Purple Bell Flower
Flowers all summer long
Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds


CampanulaCampanula Sessiliflorasessiliflora

Purple Bell Flower

Campanula latiloba, Canterbury Bells

Purple Bell Flower(25) Seeds

Type: Perennial, clump forming
Bloom: Mid to Late Summer
Flower: Dark Purple
Height: 1-1.5’ Less Wide
Light: Sun P Shade
Soil: Any moist but well drained, loamy
Moisture: Frequent
Zone: 5-7
Use: Woodland garden, borders, beds, cut flower,  low maintenance
Tolerances: Deer Resistant
Notes:  Just keep flowering and flowering. Will reseed but easy to control. Cut back after flowering to prevent reseeding and to encourage additional blooms. Shelter from rain and wind if possible


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