Bells of Ireland Seeds


Bells of Ireland Seeds
Good Luck Plant, Heirloom Annual
Cool hardy annual perfect for fresh or dried flowers
Green bells surround tiny white fragrant flower
Annual Flower Seeds for full sun to partial shade, Canada
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Molucella laevisBells of Ireland Seeds

Bells of Ireland
Good Luck plant, Shell flower

Bells of Ireland Seeds


Type: Annual, Heirloom, 90-110 days
Bloom: Late Summer
Flower: Tiny white fragrant flowers within tightly packed, 2″ green cup shaped calyxes on tall spires. Dries straw colored
Height: Sturdy 2-3′
Light: Full to partial sun
Soil: Fertile, well drained
P.H: 6.6-7.5
Moisture: Evenly moist. Deeply in dry conditions
Use: Back border, containers, cutting. Deer & rabbit resistant
Tolerances: Cool weather
Problems: Aphids, spider mites, leaf blight * crown rot
Notes: Stalks have small thorns. Protect from strong winds. Staking maybe necessary. Self sowing

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