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Delicious Blackberries

Fresh Picked by the pound 

Decently plump, large, juicy, clean & ripe!

Custom picks by request here

Our blackberry plants are located in the back forty so you are assured your berries will be free from dust and carbon from vehicles such as those along roadsides.

We are known for and Guarantee Clean picked blackberries. You wont find bits of leaves, blackberry flower bits or sticks in these freshly picked blackberries.

Note this is a seasonal item. We offer current year berries Fresh or Frozen

and if we freeze our berries, they are done individually so they’re like marbles before packaging. Great for grabbing a handful for your porridge. Make awesome pies, muffins, smoothies and even a wicked Blackberry Liquor! 

Contact Us Now with your telephone number to Place Your Custom Order for this year’s season! Orders over 10lbs will require a deposit before being picked.


BlackberriesblackberriesBy The Pound


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