Blazing Star Mix Seeds


Liatris spicata Wildflower
Purple and White Mix
Tolerates boggy to drought
Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for full sun
, Canada


Liatrisblazing star spicata

Also Known as Gayfeather, Blazing Star

Blazing Star Purple & White Mix Seeds


Type: Perennial, herbaceous
Wild flower
Bloom: Aug to Sept, mid to late summer
Flower: White or Purplish pink dense spikes 6-15” tall
Height: 2-3’ tall
12-18” spacing
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Like moist conditions but must be well drained. Moderately fertile
Moisture: Continually moist to soggy
Zone: 3-10
Use: Border, perennial or wild flower garden, herbaceous border
Tolerances: Heavier soil than other species. Bog conditions and drought
Notes: Important plant in the fall during butterfly and hummingbird migrations
Cut flower spike by ½ to encourage bloom. Unlike other varieties of blazing star, actually like moist conditions provided area is very well drained
Grow with: Red Hot Poker, Black Eyed Susan, Bachelors Button, Lavender


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