Blazing Star Seeds


Liatris spicata Wildflower
Purple and White Mix
Tolerates boggy to drought
Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for full sun


Liatrisblazing star spicata

Also Known as Gayfeather, Blazing Star

Blazing Star Purple & White Mix (50) Seeds


Type: Perennial, herbaceous
Wild flower
Bloom: Aug to Sept, mid to late summer
Flower: White or Purplish pink dense spikes 6-15” tall
Height: 2-3’ tall
12-18” spacing
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Like moist conditions but must be well drained. Moderately fertile
Moisture: Continually moist to soggy
Zone: 3-10
Use: Border, perennial or wild flower garden, herbaceous border
Tolerances: Heavier soil than other species. Bog conditions and drought
Notes: Important plant in the fall during butterfly and hummingbird migrations
Cut flower spike by ½ to encourage bloom. Unlike other varieties of blazing star, actually like moist conditions provided area is very well drained
Grow with: Red Hot Poker, Black Eyed Susan, Bachelors Button, Lavender


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