Blue Fescue glauca Seeds


Blue Fescue glauca Seeds
Steel Blue blades, brown flowers
Clumping, hardy evergreen. Deer leave this grass alone
Easy to grow. Great for informal borders, containers, rockery, ground cover
Organically Grown Ornamental Grass Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Fescue glaucaBlue Fescue glauca SeedsBlue Fescue

Blue Fescue glauca Seeds


Type: Steely Blue, Mounding, Evergreen
Bloom:  Late Spring, early Summer
Flower:   Brown
Height: 8-12″ tall
Light: Open, Sunny to part shade
Soil:  Well drained soil
P.H.: 5.8-6.8

Moisture: As needed
Use:  Specimen, planted in swaths, border, containers, rockery. Attracts beneficial insects. Deer leave this ornamental grass alone
Tolerances: Poor soil, drought 
Notes: Divide every 2-3 years. Top dress in Spring with balanced fertilizer
Zone: 3-9
Native to Europe

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Blue Fescue glauca Seed Propagation
Surface sow late Winter 3 seeds per cell. Press in to firm. Keep evenly moist, maintain 68F for germination 2-3 weeks. Transplant outdoors after danger of frost 8-12″ apart
After danger of Spring frost has past, May or late fall, sow 3 seeds 12″apart to moist medium, just covering & firm


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