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Buddleja Orange Ball Seeds


Buddleja globosa Orange Ball Seeds
Rare Collectors Specimen
Beautiful bright orange pompom flowers
Attracts bees and butterflies. A stand out in your perennial border.
Buddleja globosa Orange Ball shrub Seeds for full sun to semi shade, Canada

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Buddleja Orange BallBuddleja Orange Ball Seedsglobosa

Buddleja Orange Ball Seeds

Type: Rare Perennial Shrub. Bushy, Evergreen or deciduous dependent on zone. Fast growing
Bloom: June & July
Flower: Panicles, small tubular, Bright Orange golf ball flowers
Height: 6-15′ tall 10′ wide
Light: Full sun-Semi shade, Sheltered position
Soil: Well drained, Acidic, Rich
Moisture: Moist but well drained essential
Zone: 6-9
Use: Specimen, woodland, mixed Perennial/Shrub border, wildlife garden
Tolerances: Drought resistant, Low maintenance, Salt tolerant

Buddleja globosa Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow weeks before last frost (feb) thinly in sandy pre-moistened compost mix. Cover with a layer of fine vermiculite & place outside, undercover for one week to cold stratify or sow as above and place tray in plastic & store in fridge for ten days. Then bring in to Warm windowsill or heated propagator Once germinated, a warm window sill is best. Bottom water sparingly as seedlings are sensitive to damping off. After a month to 6 wks after sowing, when 2nd set of true leaves appear, prick to individual cells
Outdoors: Transplant recommended or sow after last frost


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