Bunny Tails Lagurus Seeds


Bunny Tails Lagurus Seeds
Graceful Lagurus ovatus annual10-12″ grass

Great for containers, mass plant, borders
Topped with fuzzy white pussy willow type flowers
Springs back from rain fall well
Winter interest
Organically Grown Ornamental Grass Seeds, Canada
100 sds/pkt

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Lagurus ovatusBunny Tails Lagurus Seeds

Bunny Tails

Also known as Hare’s Tail 

Bunny Tails Lagurus Seeds 

Type: Annual Hardy Ornamental Grass
Bloom: June to Sept
Flower: creamy White, fluffy ovoid inflorescence 1-1.5” long
Height: 10” tall – 12” wide space 6″
Light: Full sun
Soil: Loamy, light. Moderately fertile, well drained soil
Moisture: Moderate until established
Use: Children’s garden, edging walkways, mixed bouquet, herbaceous border, mixed border, accent, containers, rock garden, container garden, dry flowers, cooling effect, winter accent. Pick flowers before fully mature for drying
Sandy soils where nothing else will thrive. Drought tolerant once established
Springs back well from rain. Gather in August for drying

Zone: 4-10
Native to The Mediterranean
Grow With: Scarlet Flax
, Deep Red Geranium

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Lagurus ovatus Seed Propagation
4-6 weeks early, peat pots or packs. Maintain 70F Germination 5-10 days
Outdoors: After danger of frost, April to mid May ¼” deep. Firm & water well. Thin to 6” space Alternately Sow August or September in pots or pans & over-inter in cold frame or cool greenhouse. Plant out the following April


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