Cardoon Seeds


Cynara cardunculus
Upright tender perennial with large thistle-like violet flowers from August to September
Grown mostly for ornamental value although stalks and flower buds are edible
Easy to grow, low maintenance. Drought tolerant once established. Deer & Rabbit resistant 
Organically Grown Perennial flower seeds for full sun

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Cynaracynara cardunculus


Cardoon (10) Seeds


Type: Tender perennial, upright, vigorous
Bloom: August to September
Flower: Hermaphrodite, stalks to 6′ tall, round blue violet thistle-like flowers
Height: 5′ tall x 3′ wide or more
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Light, warm, well drained, ordinary
P.H: 6.5-7.5
Moisture: Average moisture until established
Zone: 5-9
Use: Edible stalks & flower buds, ornamental, bold statement, architectural, summer screen. Cut or dried flower. Attracts bees and butterflies. Deer & rabbit resistant
Tolerances: Heat & drought. Nutritionally poor, clay soils
Notes: Easy to grow, low maintenance. Avoid waterlogged soil to prevent tuber rot


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