Carex ‘Prairie Fire’ Seeds


Cool season evergreen sedge Carex testacea ‘Prairie Fire’
Deer resistant, Winter interest. Zone 6-9
Ornamental Grass Seeds, Canada



Carex testacea
Carex Prairie Fire Sedge‘Prairie Fire’
Red Switch Grass, Speckled Sedge
Also known as Red New Zealand Sedge, Trip Me Up

Type: Perennial, cool season, sedge, evergreen
Bloom: Late summer
Flower: Rosy tan panicles
Height: 12-16″ tall & wide
Light: Full Sun to part shade
Soil: Moist, moderately fertile, well drained
P.H.: 5.5-6.8
Moisture: Evenly moist to dry
Use: Winter interest. Low maintenance. Accent, borders, containers, flower arrangements, ground cover, specimen, massed
Tolerances: Part shade, drought, salt & winds. Disease,  pest & deer resistant
Notes: Wont tolerate excess winter water
Zone: 6-9
Plant with: Dusty Miller, Cotton Lavender, Lambs Ear
Native to New Zealand

Carex testacea ‘Prairie Fire’ Seed Propagation
Indoors: Autumn, late Winter to early Spring surface sow 3 seeds per plant, just covering 1/8″ vermiculite. Light aids germination. Maintain 60-68F. Keep moist until germination 14-28 days. Grow on at 60F until established. Plant clumps in 1 liter pots of sharply drained compost before planting out 18″ apart early summer
Outdoors: Direct sow 3/-11/4″ deep, 12″ apart in rows 2-3′ apart, in March. Germination 7-21 days. Transplant as above


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