Cat Grass Hordeum Seeds


Cat Grass Hordeum seeds
Source of vitamins & fiber for your feline friends
Sun loving, low maintenance, easy to grow,
any time of year, indoors or out. 6″ in 6 weeks
Popular in juicing, excellent for drying
Use in containers. Organically grown, non GMO, open pollinated
Organically Grown Cat Grass Hordeum vulgare Seeds, Canada

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Hordeum vulgareCat Grass Hordeum SeedsCat Grass

Cat Grass Hordeum Seeds


Type: Annual Ornamental Grass
Bloom: Late Summer into Fall
Flower: 2″ heads with 1″ rosy pink drooping rays
Height: 24″ tall x 16″ wide
Light: Full sun
Soil: Average soil
P.H.: 5.5-7.0
Moisture: Keep moist
Use: Provides vitamins & fiber for cats, attracts birds, containers, ornamental grass. Can be grown indoors, juiced, dried, medicinal
Tolerances: Somewhat drought tolerant once established, deer resistant. Tolerates dappled shade, heat

Notes: 6″ in 6 weeks. Can be grown any time of year

Zone: 3-11
Native to Europe, Asia, N Africa

Hordeum Cat Grass Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow to straight vermiculite, just covering 1/4″ deep. Use humidity dome, provide bright light & maintain 65-75F soil temperature for germination 14-21 days. Grow on in cooler conditions. Sow to pots or boxes as above apart and place on a window sill or somewhere cool and bright where your cat can dine at leisure
Outdoors: Direct sow after all danger of frost has passed to prepared seed bed with 1″ top soil loosened. Broadcast, lightly rake in. Lightly cover. Press to firm. Keep moist but not wet. Germination 2 weeks. No need to thin



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