Celosia Flamingo Feather Seeds


Celosia Flamingo Feather Seeds
Fresh or dried cut flower, containers, edging for full sun to part shade.
Creamy base, pink tipped flowers on firm stems
to 2.5″ tall. Tender annual enjoys evenly moist soil,
tolerates heat, attracts bees
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds, Canada

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Celosia spicataCelosia Flamingo Feather SeedsCelosia Flamingo Feather

Celosia Flamingo Feather Seeds

Type: Annual, tender
Bloom: Late Spring into Fall
Flower: Cream white base of pink tipped spikes
Height: 2-2.5″ tall x 1-1.5″ wide
Light: Full sun to part shade
Soil: Any regular, fertile, well drained garden soil
P.H.: 6.6-7.5
Moisture: Medium. Don’t allow to dry out. Evenly moist but not wet
Use: Fresh or dried cut flower, edging, containers, cottage garden
Tolerances: Heat
Notes: Enrich soil with compost before planting or fertilize monthly. Avoid overhead watering. Cut when 1/2 the florets have opened. RHS Award of Garden Merit

Zone: 9-11
Celosia Flamingo Feather Native to Africa & Tropical America

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Celosia spicata Seed Propagation
Indoors: Surface sow 4-6 weeks before last frost to cell packs or pots. 3-5 seeds per plant. Light vermiculite or potting soil cover. Keep moist but not wet & maintain 68-78F until germination 7-20 days. Grow on at 65F. Harden off before transplanting outdoors 12-15″ apart
Outdoors: Surface sow to prepared seed bed 2-3 weeks after last winter frost & when soil has warmed. Light 1/8″ cover. Press to frim. Keep moist but not wet until germination. Thin to required spacing


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