Centaurea montana Cornflower Seeds


Centaurea montana cornflower seeds, Mountain Cornflower
Intense true blue flowers on 2-2.5′ sturdy stems 
Perennial Cornflower (Bachelor’s Button) loved by bees, birds & butterflies 
Drought tolerant. Deer & Rabbit resistant
Great for tough spots where nothing else will grow
Organically Grown Perennial flower seeds for full sun to partial shade, Canada
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Centaurea montanaCentaurea montana cornflower seedsMountain Cornflower

Also known as Perennial Cornflower or Mountain Bluet, Blue knapweed, Bachelor’s Button

Centaurea montana Cornflower Seeds

Type: Perennial, herbaceous, upright, low mounding
Bloom: May to June, Long blooming
Flower: Large 2″ fringed intense true (violet) blue with reddish purple centers
Height: 2′-2.5 x 2′
Light: Prefers full sun
Soil: Average, well drained
P.H: Not fussy
Moisture: Low to average, don’t over water. Won’t tolerate constantly moist
Use: Cottage garden, cutting
Tolerances: Neglect, partial shade, drought. Deer and rabbit resistant
Notes: Spreads by underground stolons, rapidly forming colonies. Attracts bumblebees, butterflies and birds. May grow well where other plants struggle
Zone: 3-9
Native to Europe
Plant With: Iris, Sweet William, Tulips and other spring bloomers

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Centaurea montana Seed Propagation
Indoors: May help to soak seeds for 30 hrs prior to sowing. Sow 8 weeks early ¼” deep. Needs darkness to germinate 3-4 wks. Cover with plastic or humidity dome. Maintain 59-68F Remove plastic once germinated Transplant to individual 3” pots when large enough to handle & provide bright light. Over-winter under glass. Plant out following Spring
Outdoors: February to May after danger of frost is passed. Direct sow into prepared seed bed ¼” deep in drills 12” apart. Thin to 6” spacing or sow to pots in cold frame in Spring


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