Chameleon Houttuynia cordata Seeds


Chameleon Houttuynia cordata seeds, grown for it’s 6-9″ tall, heart shaped,
colorful foliage, variegated in red, yellow, pink & cream white.
Best suited to containers. Used as ground cover, culinary.
Zone 4-10. Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds, Canada
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Houttuynia cordataHouttuynia cordataChameleon
Also known as Yu-Xing-Cao, Fish Plant

Type: Perennial, herbaceous
Bloom: June
Flower: White, four petal, single on spikes 1-1.5″
Height: 6-9″ x 3′ wide quickly
Light: Sun to part shade
Soil: Moist, well drained
P.H.: 6.1-6.5
Moisture: Water regularly, evenly moist, don’t over water, don’t let dry out
Use: Ground cover, containers, waterside, bog, culinary. Grown for it’s epithet foliage variegation; red, yellow, pink & cream white. Rabbits leave this alone
Tolerances: Severe pruning, full shade
Notes: Indefinite spread. Not weed suppressing. Foliage frost sensitive, can over winter in frost free frame or unheated green house, if grown in containers. Prefers moist, wet soil. Prune anytime.
Zone: 4-10
Native to China

Houttuynia cordata Seed Propagation
Indoors: Surface sow 3-4 seeds per cell, press in, cover very thinly with sand or vermiculite. Maintain room temperature for germination 2-3 weeks. Prick to pots when large enough to handle. Grow on until established. Harden off & plant outdoors in Summer 8-12″ apart
Outdoors: Surface sow 3-4 seeds per plant, 12″ apart each way, in prepared bed of cool moist medium in Spring. Firm & thinly cover with sand or vermiculite. Position outdoors in sheltered area in bright light. Keep moist for germination 2-3 weeks. Thin to strongest or prick to pots as soon as large enough to handle


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