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Chaste Tree Seeds


Vitex agnus-castus
Deciduous, multi branching
Medium to large tree
Masses of lilac color flowers summertime
Chaste Tree Seeds

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Also known as Chasteberry, Abrahams Balm, Monks Pepper

  Chaste Tree (10) Seeds


Type: Perennial, Shrub, herbaceous
Bloom: Late Spring/Early Summer to Early Fall Fragrant
Flower: Graceful upright, airy lavender flower spikes
Height: 3-15′ tall
Light: Full sun Part Shade
Soil: Well Drained
Moisture: Average to Little
Zone: 6-10 (5-9)
Use: Ornamental, bonsai
Tolerances: Drought Tolerant
Notes: Likes it hot, grows well
Size is dependent on cultivation


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