Clasping Coneflower Dracopis Seeds


Dracopis (Rudbeckia) amplexicaulis
Yellow summertime flowers with dark eyes for full sun to part shade.
Great for back borders, meadow, wildflower or en mass.
Organically Grown Annual flower seeds, Canada

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Dracopis amplexicaulis

Clasping Coneflower Dracopis SeedsAlso known as Rudbeckia amplexicaulis

Clasping Coneflower Seeds

Type: Annual, Fast growing
Bloom: June – Sept
Flower: Yellow with dark Centres
Height: 18 – 24″.
Spacing: 18”-24”
Light: Sun – Part Shade
Soil: Fertile, Well drained
Moisture: Dry
Zone: 8, 9
Use: Attracts bees, birds, & butterflies, mass plant, naturalize, back border
Will re-seed. Control by mowing
Notes: Attracts bees, birds, & butterflies

Dracopis amplexicaulis Seed Propagation
Indoors: Direct sow recommended
Sow around Mar 1st, just below surface
Maintain 70F. Keep moist
Outdoors: Broadcast August or Sept onto prepared bed of loosened, weed free soil. Mix seeds with sand or to thin distribution. Tamp soil to firm. Germination in fall. Will over-winter
May try to sow direct after last frost date


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