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Blue Spruce Tree


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Picea Pungens Var. glauca

5 year old

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Coniferous Spruce Tree

Colorado Blue Spruce


Colorado Blue Spruce

Picea pungens glauca


Growth is moderate once established. 6-12″ height & 1/2″ diameter per year

A Colorado Blue Spruce will not grow as large under cultivated conditions as it does in the wild 

Garden Mature height: 40-65′ due to garden space restrictions. Width: 10-20′

Spacing: 15-20′ optimal, keeping top of root stock at ground level. Do not plant too deep.

Zone 2-9

Full Sun

Moist, Deep, Well drained and neutral to acidic soil

Spruce will not survive if over watered or planted in position of standing water 

Pruning not required 

Mulching helps protect from frost while young but keep at least 4″ away from trunk 

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Most Commonly used Ornamental, Lawn Specimen, Foliage accent, Windbreak and Privacy screen.
Blue Grey Needled Evergreen.
Tolerates drought once established.
Lifespan: Over 100 years.


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