Cornflower ‘Black Boy’ Seeds


Cornflower ‘Black Boy’ Seeds. Rare Centaurea cyanus Heirloom Wildflower
Black bachelor’s button flowers on slender 3-3.5″ tall sturdy stems
Spring through Summer, drought tolerant, deer resistant
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada


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Centaurea cyanusCornflower Black Boy Seeds‘Black Boy’ Bachelor’s Button

Cornflower Black Boy Seeds


Type: Annual, Rare 1942 Heirloom
Bloom: Spring to Summer
Flower: So dark purple they appear black
Height: 3-3.5′ tall x 10″ wide
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Fertile
P.H.: 6.5-7.6
Moisture: Moderate
Use: Borders, cut flowers

Tolerances: Drought tolerant. Frost hardy annual. Deer & rabbit resistant
Notes: Continuous bloom if deadheaded
Zone: 5-10
Native to Europe

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Centaurea cyanus Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow 1/4″ deep, 1-2″ apart 4 weeks before last frost. Keep evenly moist & provide good light until transplanting outdoors when 3-4″ tall, one week after final frost
Outdoors: Sow in full sun area, 1/2″ deep, 1-2″ apart from October to April where winters are mild for Spring bloom. Where winters freeze, sow early Spring as soon as soil can be worked over or sow later summer for fall colour. Keep evenly moist Germinate 7-10 days. Thin to 10-12″ apart


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