Cosmos bipinnatus Dazzler Seeds


Cosmos bipinnatus Dazzler Seeds
Bright Cheery Mid Tone Pink
Yellow center on 3-5′ stems
Easy to Grow
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Cosmos bipinnatusCosmos bipinnatus Dazzler Seeds


Cosmos ‘Dazzler’

Cosmos bipinnatus Dazzler Seeds

Type: Annual
Bloom: Summer to Autumn Bloom
Flower: Deep Pink with yellow center
Height: 3-5’ tall. Space: 12-18”
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Warm, sandy, well drained
Moisture: Little. More flowers with moderate water
Temperature: Tolerates heat, drought and poor soil
Zone: 3-10
Use: Tall Borders, Pots, Cutting. Attracts birds. Self-seeds

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Cosmos bipinnatus Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow 4-6 weeks before last frost. 1/16-1/4″ deep. Use temperate water when watering to maintain soil temp 75-80°F Germination 7-21 days. Thin to 1-2′ at 1-2″ tall. When 3-4″ tall, plant out 18-24” apart or to 5” pots when soil warms from May to June
Outdoors: Direct after last frost when soil warms, May to early June. 3-4 seeds, ¼” deep, about 2″ apart or scatter & rake into soil, then firm


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