Cosmos ‘Rose Bon Bon’ Seeds

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Cosmos bipinnatus
Strikingly Beautiful Double Peony Type Blooms

Border or Masses
Cosmos Double Click ‘Rose Bon Bon’
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun

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CosmosCosmos Double Click Rose Bon Bonbipinnatus

Cosmos Double Click ‘Rose Bon Bon’ (25 ) Seeds


Type: Annual. Easy to grow
Bloom: 7 weeks to bloom from seedling, continuous until frost. July to October
Flower: Pink ruffled petals in many layers with yellow centers on tall well branched plants
Height: 4’ depending on flower type can grow between 18-60” tall
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Any
Moisture: Average
Zone: 8-11
Use: Back borders, , beds, mixed arrangements, mass planting
Tolerances: Tolerant of warm dry weather
Notes: Organically grown. The more you cut the more they bloom. Deadhead often


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