Cucumber Suyo Long Seeds


Cucumis sativus

Chinese Crooked Cucumber

Crisp, non bitter, almost seedless & burpless

12-18″ long fruits

Organically Grown heirloom Cucumber Seeds



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CucumisSuyo Long Heirloom Cucumbersativus

Chinese Crooked Cucumber

Suyo Long Cucumber (10 Seeds)


Type: Annual Vegetable, Heirloom, Chinese variety. 60-70 days to maturity
Flower: Yellow
Fruit: long 12-18″ x 1.5″ width, dark green ribbed skin, crisp, non bitter, almost seedless. Burp-less variety. Sweet flavor. Harvest at any size
Height: 8-12″ x 48″ spread
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Warm, well drained. Amend with well decayed manure or compost fall prior to Spring direct sow.
Moisture: Regular. Moderate during dry & hot
Use: Salads, pickles, sandwiches
Tolerances: Hot weather. Resistant to downy mildew.
Notes: Trellis for straight fruits or grow on mounds for curved fruits. Row cover for early Spring transplants
Grow With: Dill, Corn

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It has been reported on several occasions that this is one of the best cucumbers the person had ever had. They really are delicious!


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