Curry Plant Helichrysum Seeds


Curry Plant Helichrysum Seeds
2′ tall H. angustifolium
Evergreen, Silver grey foliage

Great for borders, herb garden. Zone 8-11
Organically Grown Hardy Perennial Flower Herb Seeds, Canada

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Helichrysum angustifoliumCurry Plant Helichrysum Seeds

Curry Plant

Curry Plant Helichrysum Seeds


Type: Perennial, Herb, Half hardy or sub-shrubby
Bloom: June to August
Flower: Small Yellow Mustard flowers on clusters 1-2” across
Height: 8-15” tall, 12-24” wide
Light: Full sun
Soil: Ordinary sharply drained. Rich soil increases number of flowers but at expense of color
Moisture: Moderate
Zone: 8-11
Use: Grown for foliage, silver grey, narrow, needle like. Flowers for winter decoration should be cut before flowers are fully open. Tie in bunches and hang upside down in cool room or shed until dry. Will become brittle if dried in bright sunshine. Great for sunny rock garden, sheltered borders, preferably at foot of south wall
Tolerances: Only light frosts
Notes: Trim back to old wood in April. In severe winters protect roots with straw or bracken.
Deadhead to encourage flowering on side shoots. Does well in our Zone 8. Deer resistant

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Helichrysum angustifolium Seed Propagation
Indoors: February or March surface sow thinly to pans 1/16 – ¼”. Maintain 64F. Germination 7-20 days. When 1-2” tall, thin to boxes 1-2’ space. Harden off in cold frame. When 3-4” tall transplant to 4-5” pots the following May. Plunge outdoors until planting out in permanent position in August or September
Outdoors: Transplant recommended


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