Dwarf Goats Beard Seeds


Aruncus aethusifolius is an easy to grow herbaceous, low maintenance, perennial shrub

To 1′ tall and tolerant to almost full shade. Spectacular in mass planting

Use in borders, for container gardening, pond side or woodland

Organically grown Perennial Shrub Seeds for partial shade, Canada

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Aruncusgoats beard 'nobile spirits'


‘Nobile Spirits’
Dwarf Goats Beard, Korean Goats Beard

Dwarf Goats Beard ‘Nobile Spirits’ Seeds

Type: Herbaceous Clump Forming Perennial Shrub
Bloom: May to July
Flower: Showy ivory panic;e clusters
Height: 1′ tall x 1-1.5′ wide
Light: Part shade
Soil: Deep, evenly moist, loamy, fertile, well drained
P.H: 5.5-6.8
Moisture: Ample
Zone: 3-7
Use: Borders, containers, mass plantings, pond side, woodland. Attracts butterflies
Tolerances: Almost full shade or full sun
Problems: A larvae of sawfly species found to eat holes in leaves, often reducing to skeletal veins. Generally disease free
Notes: Easy to grow, low maintenance



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