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Holy Tree


Ilex aquifolium

Self Fertile Holy Tree
Dark evergreen leaves
Produces bright red/orange berries

Organically grown, raised from cutting


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Holy Treesaquifolium

English Holy Trees (1 Gal)


Type: Hardy, Self Fertile Evergreen Shrub or Tree. Slow growing
Bloom: Autumn and Winter
Fruit: Bright Red Berries
Height: Mature to 18-25’ tall x 8-12’ wide
Light: Full Sun with protection in hot dry areas or Part Shade
Soil: Any. Well drained. Add peat moss when planting. Moist loamy soil is preferable. Condition where soil is alkaline 
Moisture: Regular Water and frequently during dry weather to prevent leaf drop
Zone: 4-9
Use: Specimen, Barrier hedge, Christmas decoration
Tolerances: Atmospheric pollution
Problems: Watch for holy leaf miners and black spot
Notes: Plant out during April or May or in Sept or Oct. May be planted any time during the Winter when soil is not waterlogged or frozen. Plant hedges April or May 24” apart. Water copiously in dry weather. Pinch out growing tips following Spring to promote bushiness


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