Feathertop Pennisetum vilosum Seeds


‘Feathertop’ Pennisetum vilosum Seeds, tender perennial, clumping ornamental grass
grown as annual but can be easily overwintered 
Luxurious feathery white plumes late summer 
Use as accent or for beds, borders and containers, fresh or dried cut flower
Organically Grown Ornamental Grass Seed for full sun, Canada

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Pennisetum violsumFeathertop Pennisetum vilosum Seeds

‘Feathertop’ Ornamental Grass

Feathertop Pennisetum vilosum Seeds


Type: Tender perennial, treat as hardy annual. Clumping
Bloom: Late summer to early fall
Flower: bushy, white, nodding 6″ plumes
Height: 20″ tall x 24″ wide
Light: Full sun, sheltered sun
Soil: Light, sand, loam, well drained
P.H: 5.8-7.2
Moisture: Evenly moist
Zone: 8-10
Use: Accent, fresh or dried flower, beds, borders, containers. Attracts bees
Tolerances: Drought & heat tolerant, Can grow in sand. Tolerant of salty coastal regions
Problems: Self seeds readily. Plant where it can naturalize or trim flowers before seeds set
Notes: Moderate growth rate. Harvest just before flowers shed their pollen. Will self seed. Cut back late winter, early spring. Award of Merit Winner. Low maintenance, Easy to grow

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Pennisetum vilosum Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow late Winter to early Spring in paks, trays or individual pots, 2-3 seeds per plant. Apply thin soil cover, needs light to germinate 21-28 days. Firm in & maintain 68F soil temp . Bottom feed to keep moist but not waterlogged. Transplant by clumps to 1 gal containers when 2-3 leaves have developed
Outdoors: Sow direct mid February to May, same as above


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