Feverfew ‘Magic Lime Green’ Seeds


Tanacetum parthenium is an easy to grow, tender perennial 
Double daisy-like blooms, white to yellow with a hint of green
on strong 3-4′ tall stems. First year flowering herb
Cut flower use, fresh or dried. Drought tolerant, deer resistant
Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada

50 seeds/pkt

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Tanacetum partheniumMagic Lime Green Feverfew‘Magic Lime Green’ Feverfew


Type: Tender Perennial, Herb 100-110 days to maturity
Bloom: Late Spring to early Fall
Flower: 1/2-1″ fully double, daisy-like pale yellow to lime green on strong stems
Height: 3-4″ tall
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Light, well drained, fertile. Will thrive in poor soils
P.H: 6.0-6.7
Moisture: Average
Use: Cut flower, mass planting, beds, border, containers, naturalizing, drying, crafts
Tolerances: Drought once established, Deer resistant
Notes: Easy to grow. Treat Spring sown as annual. Harvest when clusters are 3/4 open, dry face down on flat surface
Zone: 5-9
Native to The Balkans


Tanacetum parthenium Seed Propagation
Indoors: Late winter to early Spring or six weeks before last frost, thinly sow to moist media in pots. Cover lightly. Place in bright location. Maintain 50-55F Keep moist until germination 10-14 days. Pot up when large enough to handle, 2″ apart. When 2-3″ tall, harden off before transplanting 10″ apart outside in April or Autumn
Outdoors: Sow thinly to sunny prepared beds in rows 10″ apart after risk of frost. Cover lightly & firm soil. Keep moist until germination 10-14 days. Thin to 10″ apart


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